A Heart For Freedom
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Chinese dissident Chai Ling tells her story from the violence of Tiananmen Square to her pursuit of the American Dream—and to Christ.

As human beings, we’re all graced with a longing for freedom placed in our hearts by God. Regrettably, many people in this world don’t have the opportunity to fulfill this longing. This was the destiny of Chai Ling, a young female dissident born in China. A Heart for Freedom (Tyndale House Publishers, c, $22.99, ISBN: […]


Publishers Weekly Review

A key leader in the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests, Ling has written a candid and compassionate memoir of her years at Beijing University, her rise to leadership in the student movement, her escape and eventual embrace of Christianity. A gifted writer with a passion for justice, she weaves a tantalizing web of childhood and young […]


Commander in Chief of the Student Protesters at Tiananmen Square in 1989 Releases Her Story in New Book, A Heart for Freedom

Chai Ling shares her remarkable journey: her daring escape from China, how she found Jesus, and her quest to abolish the one-child policy and gendercide in China CAROL STREAM, IL—In A Heart for Freedom (releasing from Tyndale, October 2011), Chai Ling, two-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee, tells the dramatic story of what really happened at […]