A Heart For Freedom
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Chinese dissident Chai Ling tells her story from the violence of Tiananmen Square to her pursuit of the American Dream—and to Christ.

As human beings, we’re all graced with a longing for freedom placed in our hearts by God. Regrettably, many people in this world don’t have the opportunity to fulfill this longing. This was the destiny of Chai Ling, a young female dissident born in China. A Heart for Freedom (Tyndale House Publishers, c, $22.99, ISBN: 9781414362465) is Chai Ling’s story and the story of a nation of many, controlled by a few.
In 1989, Chai Ling was a young college student in Beijing. China was ripe for change, and Chai Ling was part of an underground movement planning to help make this transformation. The civil disobedience that transpired in Tiananmen Square on May 27, 1989, was soon to be known to the free world as one of the most horrific massacres in China’s modern history and Chai Ling as one of its greatest leaders.
Facing imprisonment and probable death, Chai Ling fled the authorities and headed to the safety of the United States to pursue the American dream. Achieving her goal of completing her education at two of the most prestigious universities in the United States (Harvard Business School and Princeton University), and falling in love and starting a family still left Chai Ling with an uneasy feeling that an integral piece was still missing from this complex puzzle that was her life. Missing, that is, until she came to know Christ.
I highly recommend this outstanding story of one woman’s journey of passion and political fervor as she opens her heart to God. A Heart for Freedom is an inspirational page-turner!
Review by Connie Maier of CBA Retailers + Resources, October 2011